My diorr S T P M

Hai korang? Have been a long time i didn't open my blog. It's because i really busy with 
my study. I have registered my name as Form six student at SMK Gombak Setia.
Ya it's fun and I have a lot friends who treat me well. They just nice to me.
This is a new thing for me and i still being "familiar" with this "new" situation.
I hope they'll just understand me and i'm glad to be your friends babe!
Gosh this is my fourth day in SMK Gombak Setia. Kadang2 terasa gak mana tau
ada orang pandang semacam kat aku. Woo wa nak belajar maa kita damai aa :D
Aku selalu berdoa supaya segala ilmu yang dicurahkan  tu akan kekal dalam
kepala hotak aku nii and tak lupa. Wahh aku ada azam taauuu.
Azam budak baru masuk sekolah paham-paham aa. Ha Ha ! Mesti azam nak
belajar sungguh-sungguh kannn... Whee! Okay tuh azam aku. aku nak belajar.
Pray for me yaa ;) I "desperately" need all your prayers. Because it is very useful
for me. Oh wait! I'll pray for you too so don't worry He He ! Thank You guys ;)
Congrates CHELSEA !! He He The Blue !!
Okay bye !! See ya next time :D Assalamualaikum. 

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adikkkk put ur pic byk la